Please help long-time FOTM reader josephbc69

Fellowship of the Minds

Josephbc69 has been a part of FOTM‘s family since this blog’s very beginning. Regular FOTM readers are familiar with his gentle, civil presence and observant comments.

Joseph, our brother in Christ, needs our help.

He needs to raise $2,250 to pay for an overdue bill for his beloved dog, Dakota. The veterinarian is Dr. Laurie Clarke of Garry Oak Veterinary Hospital in Sidney, British Columbia.

I suggested that Joseph consider Go-Fund Me, which was used by Steven Broiles, another member of our FOTM family, when he found himself in financial straits, behind on his rent payment.

Here’s Joseph’s Go-Fund Me appeal:


Dakota turned 8 years old on August 30th, and had 8 molars & other teeth to be extracted under anesthetic, etc.  At the time my small home improvement [business] was doing well, so I told his vet, Dr Lori, that I could make bi-weekly payments.

But a…

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